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Meet Coach Curtis and Delonda Geiger

Life and Relationship Coach


Mind Body Soul Consulting Services was formed from a storm that rocked Delonda and Curtis’ world. What they had seen as the perfect life changed within a blink of an eye. The couple owned a well known fitness company, Downsizing Divas, after being inspired to help others change their lifestyle.


Together, they had lost over 150 pounds and wanted to help others do the same. Together, they hosted various fitness classes, helped create hundreds of success stories, and hosting various events. Delonda even had the opportunity to train many celebrities. In 2014, things changed when infidelity occurred and the couple was in the process of getting a divorce. Bank accounts depleted, the IRS was requesting debts to be paid, foreclosures occurred, and repossessions happened.

Delonda found herself almost homeless. Her two sons were also affected, as they were traumatized by the sudden change. Downsizing Divas was forced to close its doors and Delonda realized she had lost everything that she had loved in such a fast amount of time. Fighting the thought of suicide, she rededicated her life to Christ. Delonda went on a 40 day fast to focus on how she got to the place she was. On day 36, she found her ex-husband knocking on the door ready to come back to his family.

Delonda honored God’s plan by restoring her marriage. Curtis rededicated his life to Christ and their children went through Child Therapy. With their marriage restored in 1 year, many from different areas of the world began to ask for advice. In no time, they had shared their story on the radio and various interviews.


It was through this experience that Mind Body Soul Consulting was birthed. Despite any situation our goal is to encourage you through our unique coaching skills, home ownership and credit restoration program, life and relationship coaching, financial literacy, and our health and wellness program. We help you get back on track from where ever you find yourself at the present moment.

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